Some crops growing instantly

Playing on 96a2298 with 92-day seasons. Currently day 55 of spring.

Onions, carrots and sugar beets all grew to harvestable within one or two days, repeatable over two seperate harvests. Blueberries, which I also planted, seem to be growing normally. Have not tested any other crops. Might be a wrong value somewhere on some of the crops? I checked .jsons but I guess crop values aren’t externalised, or did I just do a bad job of looking for them?

Migrated the same save to 1e1e6a9 and some crops are instant-growth while some seem to grow properly.

Out of what I’ve tested ;

Hemp, cotton, blueberries and wheat seem to be growing over a reasonable period of time.
Tomatoes, onions, carrots, sugarbeets, lettuce, barley and corn all grow to harvestable within a day.

Nobody else getting this, or does nobody else play with super-long seasons?

Can confirm this is happening to me as well. Sugar Beets, Corn and Carrots were all I had to plant, and they would be ready to harvest before I could get done planting a 40 plot field.

Probably something we missed. Thanks for reporting.