Crash while driving

The game seems to crash when try to turn in my deathmobile. I’ll test it more in a couple of hours, for now just dropping the crashlog here, for people who can get some info out of them.


Sometimes I also got crash during driving and I solved that by saving more frequently - autosaving every 50 turns.

i sometimes got that crash too, but turned out it only happened if i used autodriving, stopped using it and the problem while turning stopped too.

Aaaaand it stopped happening with the latest build. Problem solved, I guess?

Now, I get something new - every couple of turns this message pops up.

DEBUG : Tried to get invalid activity_type: ACT_NULL

FUNCTION : const T& string_id::obj() const [with T = activity_type]
FILE : src/activity_type.cpp
LINE : 27

This is happening while autodriving?

Ah, theres a fix on the way for this anyway.

The trick to not crash when driving is to stop running into things.


you just couldnt stop yourself from making that pun xD

Sincere apologies. I am weak.