Driving causes crash?

Sometimes I’m able to drive a good long while with no problems but randomly I try to drive again and the screen turns black as if it’s pitch black night and I can’t even see my character then the game crashes and gives this log shortly after. Does anyone know the cause for this or have anything that could help me? Thank you!

A Segmentation Fault error means there’s an issue with something in the map. It’s not driving, but rather an error from updating.

Do you have savegame which can be used to reproduce the issue?

Yeah I’m still playing on it, I’ve just been using the debug teleport function and walking to get around since no vehicles seem to be working now. It started after I got off my Electric Bike and got into a motorcycle with a sidecar.

Sorry, not constructive at all, but when I read the subject all I could think was “Of course it does, this is Cataclysm and your driving skill is 0” :joy: