Game crashes when I look around the next corner

I’ve had a good run, but now I have an autosave where the game crashes instantly when I turn around the corner in front of me.

Is there a way to find out what exactly is causing this and a way to put it to use, like letting someone know if it isn’t a known problem already?

What I found out so far:
The area uncovered houses a coffee shop and it’s close to a manhole, but I don’t know if that could be a problem.

How big are the numbers when you autosave?

Default, I believe. I haven’t changed it.
Shouldn’t have anything to do with the saving either. I turned around and went the other way and it works fine. I just mentioned the autosave because it was rather handy that the game saved about five steps before the crash. I suppose I COULD go back to the spot and it’d crash again.

If you can zip up your save directory and stash it somewhere I can get at it, I should be able to find out what’s causing the crash (I also need the exact version of cata you’re running, as displayed on the main menu).

Debugging this kind of thing generally requires running gdb or some other debugger on the program, which aren’t the most user-friendly programs…

Here ya go~

I’m playing 0.7.1, unaltered.
From the loading point just head northwest straight and it should crash.

I really hope you find out what’s causing that. I’m burning with curiosity.
Mostly because I do not dare enter the city which causes the crash… and the other city is infested with DEMONS! I suppose with three churches inside one of them HAD to be defiled or something <.<

If you’re playing 0.7.1, it’s possibly the dreaded “nothing”.