0.A Crash - probably involving NPC or farm

Windows 7

I’ve run into some problems with Cataclysm 0.A SDL - when I walk back to the farm which I made my home base, game crashes every time - it may be something with NPC, or with planting plants on fields, debug messages aren’t very helpful in this case. I’ve tried to connect visual studio debugger to it but no luck.
I can provide save folder but it is to big to attach it to this post.

Also this character has buggy mission (I’ve completed it, NPC told me “It’s not safe here”, I’ve replied “I will follow you” - the marker changed but NPC stayed at farm), maybe it’s connected to crash.

I think the NPC picked up the seed that was supposed to sprout, it’s what caused the crash. It’s now fixed in the experimentals.

im getting a similar thing only there is no NPC involved, there is a moderate base of stuff (lot of stuff) + a few crops.

this is happening at a specific distance no matter the angle i come in from. so… well ive no idea really. there was a charger i may have left on. and multiple barrels with funnels. but honestly no idea.

cant get close to the base, it remains outside of vision range but its definitely something there must be crops. any commands that might help me out ? im looking at 20++ hours of game time