Crash on Traits tab with my mod turned on

So, same guy and same mod from this thread:

(By the way, separating the holsters with other actions like they suggested didn’t work. Ended up having to completely reformat the idea. Took a break after it. Forgot to reply.)

I’ve largely expanded the mod and fused it with a mutations mod someone else was making as we pooled our mods together. (They were trying to expand the rabbit mutation line from Even More Mutations.)

However, I can’t figure out why the Traits tab is always crashing when I tab to it in Character Creation. Most likely has to do with the mutations. So, I’ll post a link to a pastebin of the mutations.json for the mod:

EDIT: Yeah, just tested it to make sure. If I take out the mutations.json and that file only, the Traits tab doesn’t crash anymore.