Crash on startup after update #6007 and 6006, 6005, 6004 - fixed in later update

Issues got fixed by #6009

The error message is in the attachment. in the link.

Got error: “The upload folder is full. Please try a smaller file and/or contact an administrator.” when tried to upload image as attachment in post.

Worked fine last night, was using #6004 I believe #6003, turns out. Started up CDDA Game Launcher this morning, updated to #6007, get the attached error message when launching game.

If I keep clicking ignore, can get ingame, but not sure if wise.

Foolishly tried updating the game again, thinking something just went wrong in the update process, so cant restore previous version, as they’re both the same now.

Where can I manually get older versions if I want to continue playing, if I happen to want to play before an update that fixes the issue arrives?

Edit: Forgot to mention, using Chesthole tileset, not that changing or disabling tilesets helped.

The mainpage sidebar has a link to the current experimentals:

Interesting, frest install of the #6007 worked fine, so tried resetting the setting on my main install by moving them to different place so can restore if want to. Game working again, but the second I change some of the settings, like for example which tileset to use or whether to use a tileset at all, get the error when trying to save the settings. Adding any kind of autopickup rule gives the error also when trying to save them. Some other settings, like temperature unit used for example, can be changed and saved without problems, didn’t go through all the options.

Rolled back version by version getting the error on 6007, 6006, 6005, 6004 until version #6003 works fine, so I guess that was the version I was using yesterday.

Trying to change aforementioned settings/autopickup on 6007, 6006, 6005, 6004 gave the error too. Adding an empty pickup rule doesn’t give error, but even a single letter does.

In case it matters, i5-2500k@4GHz, 970GTX, 16GB ram.
Win 10 64 bit set to english region, using finnish keyboard layout, Ive noticed a lot of localization changed in the game, so mentioning these.