Is an armor like Curaiss or Dragon Armor that you craft by yourself are (poor fit) originally?

Hi, I’ve make my own costume armor set that i craft by myself in my workshop. But, no matter how many i make armor like Curaiss or even Chainmail, they are not fit for my character or NPC. I already using repair kit or something else to repair or reinforce the item, but it still not works. Are armor is (poor fit) originally?

Any armor you craft should be fitted to you by default. Sounds like a bug to me.

Agreed with above. You can fix it by spawning in the aforementioned item with the debug console and adding the flag “FIT” to it, that way it’ll spawn fitted to you.

In 0.E2 stable some higher tier clothing/armor were not fitting when produced, but they could be refitted to fit using a tailor kit, which I thought was due to not having enough skill to get it right the first time (I think later attempts for companions, with higher skill, resulted in fitting equipment).

I can think of a few reasons why you can’t refit them:

  • The game might have changed
  • The recipes don’t have whatever is required to allow for refitting
  • They’re always of a poor fit (there are some things that are, because of bulk. I think life jackets are in this category)
  • Refitting might only work for “clothing” but not for “armor” that won’t use tailoring equipment but something else (like e.g. a soldering iron).