Craftable gun conversation kits

Could we have craftable gun conversion kits for the ones that exist?

You would need something a new barrel for the weapon, or in the case of making one larger, a way to re-bore it.

This could make a use for the coreless drill. (I’ve yet to see any use for this)

Add in a gunsmith kit, the ammo/shells of the needed type. Since it’s a kit, probably a soldering iron, screw driver, drill.

The hard part would be requirements.

Personally, I’d say you need a high skill in the gun type of ammo being used. Fabrication/Mechanics would make it

Or just pick one, and make it fairly high. I don’t see how this would be any more overpowered than people making serums, CBM’s.

It just allows people to use ammo they have if by making a kit to change their weapon. I’m out of 7.62, and don’t feel like reloading, but have 1500 5.56 NATO?

Nope, barrel reboring is definitely over the line. A cordless drill isn’t up to that kind of job.

What if it were only smoothbore conversions? At the distances we tend to fight in Cata a smoothbore conversion to 9mm would be very reasonable even after taking an accuracy hit. Also, there are a few people who have rifled their own barrels. Maybe Fab 7 or 8 level work but I think it’s doable with pipe, wire, welder, wood, fine wood cutting and something to use as a cutter bit.

Nope, barrel reboring is definitely over the line.
We have the equipment to make diamond weapons, why not CNC machines or futuristic 3D printers? 3D printed guns are already semi-viable in 2015.

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