Could the creature compass indicate distance too?

If I see a Z far away and off the viewport, I sometimes need to run away. I cannot tell if I am being chased, if I am getting away, or if the pursuer is gaining; to know this requires extra key strokes.

Could the creature compass indicate distance too? Maybe like:

Z(28) zombie scientist


I second this, would greatly ain’t situational awareness. Also, is it possible to make the direction listing a bit more precise? I feel the 8-point direction system just isn’t quite accurate enough. Could we maybe go to a 16-point system? You know, with things like north north-east and so on.

If you switch to (V)iew, like you do to look at items, you can use the < and > to turn the page to see all the creature positions. It’ll highlight each one, it’ll show you direction, and will tell you how far they are away. Even their current status in:re of you (Hostile!) etc.

Yes, I am aware of the keystrokes but that is going in and out of another screen. I just want to, like Mr. Witness said, have situational awareness as I move. Not move, (V)iew, Move, (V)iew, Move, (V)iew, etc.

If you use the capital LKJH you can offset your view and leave it centered at the new point, meaning you could watch your enemy(ies) while you run away.

Anyways, that is a good idea and I would used the distance indicator you’ve described more then I would use my idea here so… yeah good one.

Does this work for aiming guns too?

At the moment it seems autoaim switches between many targets off-screen and doesn’t actually show them. Which is very annoying.

Could I shift the viewpoint to where the enemies are and then aim at them?

You could do that, but there is also a “snap to target” option in the… well options. That makes your screen center on the target when you’re selecting enemies.

Yeah it should, that would be a handy feature.

Aha, that is an option I wasn’t aware of. I’ll look into that.

(Speaking of options… which of them will take effect immediately without starting a new game? I assume this is fine. I’m not sure about turning on random NPCs though…)

The main issue is whether it impacts spawning or not, if it impacts spawning it won’t retroactively adjust existing terrain that has already been generated. And for example toggling the static NPC option won’t take effect until you generate a new character.

Are there dynamic NPCs otherwise? I just have no idea if anyone else exists in my world or not.

Not currently, but soon as they are being worked on!!!

Coding is done. Here is what it looks like.

Pull request submitted:

It looks like there’s about 28 zombie necromancers.

I don’t want that.

In all seriousness, the numbers look like they’re counting how many zombies, not the distance.

No one suggested any formatting ideas so after playing around this looked the cleanest.

As for it looking like counting, it’s not, it’s distance.

I found that when I am in a game with these numbers displaying it really adds to the understanding of what is going on around me.

I think, game need separate screen of monsters overview.

[quote=“vbmark, post:13, topic:4618”]Coding is done. Here is what it looks like.



Pull request submitted:[/quote]

it looks a bit confusing. If you have 2 or more of same type of zombies, they only have 1 distance ( or so it seems to me based on the screenshots). Maybe if you can put the distance in the upper part , where direction is, and make it something like
NW N NE M(27)
SW S Z(28)z(32)B(18) SE

but even this could prove a problem if there are too many on one direction and not enough space to display them.

I’m open to suggestions on how it’s displayed.

Ferodaktyl, I see what you’re saying. I’ll play around with putting the distance in the upper part.

Who is the administrator who makes the final decision on functionality, design, and merges?

Experimenting with adding distance to the top part.

When there aren’t a lot of critters it looks ok:

However, once there are a lot:

A tile is ~1m, so
Z 28m decayed zombie
z 8m child zombie
Z 36m dancing zombie
Z 38m michael jackson and crew

Would work