Keeping an Eye on Things

One thing that really bothers me is that when I look around, if I want to see what a far off zombie is actually doing, I have to leave the ‘look’ function, wait a few turns, then check again. This is incredibly inefficient, and also annoying to do.

What I propose is simple. Make the wait key work even if you’re looking off in the distance.

Also, while I’m talking about vision, perhaps binoculars could work when looking around, not just on the map? It would be nice to not just have my vision cut out so suddenly all the time.

In game if you hit the (?) then (1) to get to the screen where you bind your keys to commands. There are commands for moving your vision in certain directions and it locks them in so you can move and wait with the view the same. Have fun and happy hunting!

The default keys to adjust you sight are HJKL (don’t remember what is what) and G to recenter your view.