Corrosive zombies blinding too often?

I had the most annoying time with some spitters late last night. My character had safety glasses on and a dodge of 4 and yet the spitters kept blinding her over, and over, and over. To the point that I’d get maybe one turn of vision to see how screwed she was, and then be immediately blinded again.
I somehow managed to flee and came back with some “survivor goggles” which had the best protection rating of anything available (I usually disable survivor gear 'cause it’s so ridiculous, but I guess I didn’t blacklist it on this world) and still, once she got within five or six tiles, she was being blinded almost constantly. She can maybe get one decent shot off before she’s blinded.

It feels like there’s something up, but this particular save has done some buggy stuff (like frequent segfaulting on lockpicking which I can’t replicate on any other save even with loads of debug) so I don’t know for sure if there’s not something bugged with her in particular, and I haven’t tested fighting corrosives with any other save yet. Has anyone else noticed this?

I checked the src and when their ranged acid spit hits your head, you get blind applied to your eyes with a strength of 5, so your survivor goggles are one point short.

I use PBA mask and can’t even remember the last time I got blinded by a corrosive.

A PBA mask only has acid 1/environment 1 according to the item browser, the survivor is acid 5/enviro 15. Something seems weird about that when it fails so spectacularly.
I’m also bothered by how accurate and rapid-fire they are compared to spitters, I’d much rather fight a pair of spitters than a pair of the supposedly weaker corrosives, they feel out of place among the early-game mutations.

Filter/Gas/PBA masks have to be activated for their improved protection values. They only consume cartridge power when you walk in gas etc, but the protection values are always active as long as the item stays active.

Also corrosives are the end of the line evolution for the acid zombie types, they’re not supposed to be weaker than spitters.

Ah, weird, here I thought they appeared first. (It’s been a while since I played a new character) I’ve seen only a handful of spitters, but tons of corrosives, but I may have wandered into a region explored by a previous character in this world, so the evolution is bumped up.

The corrosive zombie has the acid spit whatever attack at a cooldown of 5, which is pretty dang fast.

And yeah, if you’re bumping into corrosive zombies early game, that’s RNG being a jerk. It’s not often my newbie characters bump into them, but when they do they generally get their feet dissolved.

Yeah, that does seem a bit too fast. My main problem with them was just the constant “Blinded! Blinded! Blinded! Blinded!” thing they did. I mean those goggles had acid:5 and yet it felt like they did absolutely nothing. I didn’t want to melee them, and I couldn’t see long enough to engage them at a range I could get a solid hit at.

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Oh yeah, this is EXACTLY what happened!