Corporate HQ

Don’t worry, this isn’t just LCS’s Corporate HQ but in Cataclysm, if you were wondering.

The Corporate HQ would be similar to the megastores/hospitals in that it’s a large sprawling building filled with monsters, but it would also be similar to the military & science bunkers because they have an entrance to the underground that has lots of goodies in it. Before the apocalypse, [COMPANY NAME] was one of the many corporations taking advantage of the rampant mad science going on. However, when the apocalypse happened, their employees and CEOs quickly hauled ass out of there and left their HQs abandoned. With the superscience inside. There is plenty of goodies lurking inside, but alongside zombies and worser things.

The surface building or “offices” would mostly be a typical office with janitor’s closets, open-plan/cubicle offices, etc. However, since all the monsters went up here after they ate all the scientists in the labs, it is infested with lots and lots of monsters. What sort depends on your luck. It could be just another zombie infested building, it could be filled with mutated horrors like the insects, or you could be particularly unlucky and somehow get a tagteam of the mine monsters and the eldritch demons. Once you fight through them, there would be a metal door providing access to the downstairs. Unlike the typical ID readers and terminals, you could hack this one or find a password on one of the computers in the offices.

Once you get downstairs, this is where things get interesting. There would be several different types of room.

  • The Rat-Run. This would be a series of corridors filled with booby traps with reinforced windows everywhere with chairs, designed for testing and observation of monsters. There’d be still a few around, so be careful if you wanna go near those windows with a flying eye around.
  • Server Room. This is a large room filled with “server” obstacles that would have computer-related objects strewn about.
  • The Portal Generator. This is a small room with an active portal inside being sustained by two “portal generators” on it’s sides, which is further surrounded by a wall with reinforced windows and a metal door requiring hacking to get inside. Nearby would be objects that would make sense for going into excursions into hostile environments such as HAZMAT suits and gasmasks.
  • Genetic Testing & Creation: This is a large room filled with terminals and glass tubes inside of which are not only cloned fetuses of humans but also monsters. If you fool around with the computers in here you might accidentally end up tripping a command which unleashes the fully developed monsters, but you could also find some neat info on the monsters themselves and why/how they were made.
  • Zombie Creation: If you ask how they got their hands on zombies, assume there was a plant in the government. This room would have a cage filled with blobs on one side, crates full of human corpses in the middle, and a cage full of zombies on the other side. The terminal there would have various commands such as “create more zombies” or “set zombies on fire/zap em/melt them”, if that’s not too complicated.
  • Triffid Den/Fungi Testing: This would be a large room emulating a forest… except it’s filled with triffids/fungi of all shapes and sizes. If the triffids are there, it’s a normal forest. If the fungi are there, it’s filled with mushrooms and resembles a fungal bloom. Expect lots of spores and queen triffids.
  • Security: This would be two rooms, in fact. One has a terminal which functions as a camera room, the other is full of weapons but requires a security ID, which you could find on “corporate task force” corpses found very rarely with high-quality weapons.
  • Chemistry: This would be filled with chemicals of all kinds! Hydrogen, gasoline, meth… This would also have chemistry sets.

That’s all the ideas I can think of. What do you guys think? Any way to improve this idea?