Companies in the Cataclysm

We got Foodplace, XEDRA, Uncanny and more. But what other companies are there? There has got to be an electric power company, an ISP, a specific chain of grocery stores and all that.

I am currently out of ideas but please do submit any ideas for company names you have.

To diversify the world through name stores is not bad, but the question arises why do we need it? this is the addition of a sign with an inscription to all stores and no more

I am thinking more diverse “lore” which is not directly relevant to the plot but breathes life into the world. So say you might find a bill of an electric power company in someones mailbox, or a coupon for the grocery store chain on the street and much more. Just some remnants from before the apocalypse and how said companies and their employees experienced the apocalypse.


Branch store service report no. 1337
Employees of the (grocery) store reported a mob raiding the store on 7th of april.


Point of Presence maintenance log from April 9
Technician failed to repair the unit. Technician stated there were bloody claw marks and eerie howling in the distance. Technician refuses to return to the site and finish the job.

Orison Customer Services (General-purpose contractor)
Atomically Energetic! (Energy/sports drink brand)
ORION (Private military company hired by the US gov’t in the opening stages of the cataclysm)
Spitfire International (XEDRA front company used to sell advanced weapons to NATO and allies)
Interstellar Incorporated (Private spaceflight company)
Connectiv (ISP)
Oppenheimer Electrical (Power company)
Mass-Ac Shops (Supermarket)
Titanic Organic! (Vegan grocery store chain, owner of Atomically Energetic)
Cawcawla (Soft drink company)
General Petroleum (Gas/natural gas company)
Tyrannosaur (Gas station chain, owned by GP)
Theranotics (Big Pharma company, partially owned by DARPA)
Holistic Healthcare (Alternative medicine company, got rich selling fake Blob cures and vaccines)
Braindrain Inc. (Media company)
Proletariat Products (Large-scale manufactory owner, definitely not owned by the Chinese)
Mane Templaris (Religious TV channel, notable for being really extreme for daytime television)
Take a Stand (Large-scale protest organizer, in reality a shell company for the CIA to root out rabblerousers)