Cooked Acorn Meal disappearing from crafting menu

Hello People!

Im pretty new to the game, and there is one thing that confuses the hell out of me. I started a sheltered game and was pretty lucky concerning my starting food stocks. Still, I tried to conserve etc, but ended up looking what I can craft which seems useful as a food item. Cooked acorn meal seemed very useful, also considering it was winter.
Some wolves later, I had enough bones for broth and tried cooking meat soup. Missing: Vegetables. So I tried to cook acorn meal. Having acorns and knife on the ready, I opened the crafting menu to find that the recipe had somehow disappeared. Cooking and survival skill are still the same, even better (3), but I can’t find the recipe. Using filters simply yielded no recipe at all with acorns in it.

Is this a known bug? What else could lead to a recipe disappearing?

The only thing I can think of immediately is if the recipe came from a book that you are no longer close enough to use. Do you have any such books lying around?

Only Cooking on a Budget, which contains the recipes for the quern and charcoal smoker.

I’m stumped, then. If a newer version of the game is available you might be able to update it and try searching again.

I don’t know if you are aware of it, but this is a utility that you can use to download updates. It automatically updates the game and puts your save back so there’s nothing you have to do except tell it where the game is.

It won’t bring the acorn meal recipe back, but you can use bird or reptile eggs or cooked dandelion greens in the place of the acorn meal to make meat soup. You can forage the eggs and find the dandelions laying around in fields.

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I see, this also helps with mods etc. Very cool, thank you so much!