Converting the game into using higher game engine, possible?

It gives you an idea of the number of assets a normal game would take. CDDA would require… hmm Oh… Oh, man. Exponentially more amounts in comparison. Sprites for all the different movements and such.

Hense I said “to even try”.
Porting everything would, indeed, required exponentially more if we want unique interaction animations for all combinations.
Or linearly more if we don’t. Which is still orders of magnitude more because of the the number of assets.
But it’s not inconceivable. Just practically impossible (unless you happened to code a fully functional AI or something).

Iso-3D is plenty 3d for me as far as this game is concerned

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Actually I was referring to 3D in a Stalker sort of way. But I suppose isometric is a thing some folks may like. It gives me a head ache looking at it.

Same. er… annoying really I said “plenty” where “too much” might have been better applied.

Im very happy with a nice tilesset

ACII is super neat, but I don’t like how I play the game on ACII

Should keep an eye on dead matter, its gonna be similar to cataclysm but first/third person

Turn-based tile-based first-person game…?

Incubation: Time is Running Out.

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great replies, i was just hanging around with my friend who were having some indie project on Unreal engine and i show him this game and i ask “can you make similar game like this on the Unreal Engine?”

he said “with all the crafting, items, and stuff… it will took a long time to finish… around 2-3 years.”

yup, he’s right… all the in-game source need to be rebuild from scratch to make it work on Unreal engine… unnecessary…

He might not realize just how much is actually there. I don’t really have enough knowledge here to have a VALID opinion but I would still have to say that seems pretty low-ball if your talking about only one person building it.

A lot of what IS here is a lot of reworks and multiple individuals working largely independently to add what they think would make the game better, but it is still probably been something like 4 or 5 dedicated devs plus additional coders… what 4ish years… at least… and then whales before that? …A lot of work… even at an ONLY at a ACII graphics level.

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I think the main issue here is that unless you wanted to make the game 3D, trying to port it to some engine would do basically nothing. And if you DID port it to 3D, all the assets and nonsense so it worked would take a dedicated team of artists and designers years.

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yeah, 4 years… i even have an RPG game project that still unfinished and to finish it, it took a years…

big work, big effort.

yeah… that is a true there.

I’d say running on a 3d game engine would make the game better overall if it was done correctly and respect to the original. Even a minecraft style world would be pretty nice. And for those people who think having a 3d world would do nothing to enhance the game, it would certainly make buildings more realistic, fall damage, first person view allowing you to have a better view of the area, actual lighting effects instead of set limits and complete darkness…I mean there are tons of ways 3D would make this game more enjoyable. But I do agree, the amount of work needed to make the game would be massive.
I think if it was made, it would be best to use graphics similar to a game like LastCraft.

You’re conflating 3D with first person, but I partially agree. Being able to explore buildings and look around, actual gun aiming and weapon swinging, getting to look at 3D models up close, that would all be really nice. However, buildings are unrealistic because of the limitation of a large tile world. Making them any more realistic without changing it to something like, say, Unturned’s style, would simply be a matter of adding more clutter furniture/items and more elaborate building parts. Fall damage is already in the game. A better view would be neat, but it would also take away the 360 degree viewpoint, which means more jumpscares and harder combat/exploration. More elaborate lighting effects could certainly be done, it’s just a matter of actually making them happen. On top of all that, I’m not sure how well the turn based system would translate into first-person 3D. It would be weird with it, and taking it out would mess up a whole bunch of the game. My point is, a first-person 3D viewpoint is basically just eye-candy. It wouldn’t meaningfully affect the mechanics of the game, or it wouldn’t be the same game.

The most important part of Cataclysm is the depth, the atmosphere, and the amount of things you can do. A 3D engine or first person viewpoint would make things a bit prettier, maybe more immersive, but C:DDA’s strengths wouldn’t be improved. Those work regardless of the viewpoint. The fact that a significant portion of the playerbase plays in ASCII is testament to this.

Well, I certainly can’t speak for everyone on whether they play using ascii or sprites. Personally, I like sprite sheets because I can see the terrain under my enemy at a glance, I get to see cool art and visual representations of my gear on my character. And it’s a bit more immersive.
I could play with either, but I do enjoy whatever makes the game more life-like, but I appreciate low-graphics too, as my laptop certainly couldn’t handle a 3D version of this game anyways. XD

Oh certainly. I’ve never touched ASCII and I have no desire to. My point is simply that yes, a 3D engine and first person POV would make the game more immersive, better to look at, but the strengths of C:DDA, the reason we play it instead of Unturned or 7 Days to Die, don’t require it, and possibly even work better without it. Again, I have no idea how the turn based combat would work in first-person without being exceptionally weird.

Well…eliminate the turn-basedness I guess. Not really anything that can’t be replaced with good old fashioned timers anywho.

As for the combat, it would play just like any other FPS, attack animations take up frames per second instead of turns, movement has typical speed, don’t really see a need for turns really.

These are, frankly, two different topics:

  1. using 3D engine purely for visuals, effectively as a “3D tileset”, while keeping the actual gameplay still ASCII-based (newer XCOM’s are a good example)
  2. introducing 3D-based gameplay elements (FP view, free aiming, etc). I have no idea how THAT should work, frankly. Giving an example of a different game that works this way would be welcomed.