Continue damage and smoke

Re crafting: Best I’ve done is to set up a brazier (fireplace would work too, I’d imagine) directly outside my evac shelter window. Open window, climb in, build/light fire, climb back inside, close window, you’re set: fire is nearby but can’t smoke you.

Antibiotics should cure an infection too.

Not necessarily true. Taking antibiotics will clear up the infection before you drop dead. Although, those aren’t exactly common, so care should be taken.

Setting fires inside stoves, fireplaces, and braziers will prevent fire from spreading, and also suppress any smoke from the fire.

If braziers suppress smoke, that’s new. My 28Jun brazier smokes like a…nicotine addict, I guess.

If braziers suppress smoke, that’s new. My 28Jun brazier smokes like a…nicotine addict, I guess.[/quote]
Braziers don’t suppress smoke.

Btw we have figured out that something has changed with fields before if stood still and acid puddle was made on your tile you wouldnt take damage, but now you do meaning someone has changed field effects. Also I wasnt bleeding I would know because i check my screen it said smoke and I coughed for 2 hours. D:

Ah, forgot antibiotics… But I’m a paranoid bastard, I don’t trust them either.

Looked at the smoke thing, it looks like what’s happening is that now light smoke is also adding to the duration of the smoke inhalation disease. Previously only standing in heavy smoke and fire would cause smoke inhalation disease, now all kinds of smoke cause it, and the duration of the disease just keeps increasing, which means you’re taking damage for coughing for longer.

So previously you might spend 3-4 turns in heavy smoke and accumulate something like 45-60 turns worth of smoke inhalation disease, now you might spend that long in heavy smoke, and also 3-4 turns in medium, and another 3-4 in light, which adds up to another 30-40 turns of inhalation.

The good news is that if you just wear a bandanna it gives you like 50% resistance to light smoke etc, and it looks like a filter mask will make you nearly immune to all smoke. Look for items that cover your mouth an have environmental protection.

Will probably look at capping smoke inhalation a bit too.

Smoke has to be nerfed. Tried to follow youtoo’s newbie guide and lost two characters to smoke, all because I wanted to cook my meat.

Time for testing? I think so. First of all, smoke damage can get pretty bad, but usually not deadly. Smoker smoke causes 30-40 damage at its worst, but usually not past 10. Also, bleeding is something I figured I wouldn’t have to test too much. In my experience, it’s always been bandage if you have them, cauterize if you don’t. And even then its role as an effect means it will close up, maybe 5-10 damage if you can’t sacrifice the extra pain or bandages (you greedy bastard you). Bite wounds however are something new to me, and did require testing. If you get a deep bite wound, you have a few hours to cauterize or disinfect with first aid or well…disinfectant. If not, it gets infected. I don’t believe that you will turn from it, but a normal survivor will most likely not be able to make through it without antibiotics, royal jelly, or perhaps the Blood Filter CBM from sheer vomiting (P.S. I think there should be a vomit field effect. I could go into more details but that’s another category). So get your hands on some antibiotics as they seem to be the most viable option.

Pro-tip: you can do a lot of activities when the required resources are merely nearby, not just adjacent or in your inventory. Try cooking your food a square away from the fire to cut down on the smoke a little.

Did that - that’s how two of my chars got smoked to death. Str 14 chars, btw.

Light smoke should’t make you cough your lungs out , so that must be nerfed asap.

Instead it should only increase the duration if you already have inhaled thick smoke.

Problem solved.

I plant my brazier directly outside the evac shelter window, build/light the fire whilst sitting in the open window, then back inside and close the window. Smoke problem solved.

That’s the only way we can cook on fire currently, short of a fireplace.