Continuation game (hacker)

I want to start a continuation game. Before I do, I need to know if anyone else will play.


Massive mega-cities(size 10) swarming with overflowing hoards of undead menaces(spawn 2x). You are the remnants of the cataclysm(no NPC) and are eager to begin your journey. Since everyone is a zombie, who is going to stop you from hacking into high security locations or accessing every last bit of data out there for yourself?

I was kinda thinking

Name: Jenny Macabre

Str: 7
Dex: 9
Int: 13

Glass jaw
Light eater

A point to computers and Hacker profession.

Would participate but not with those settings.

I’d just keep everything at default:S8 P8 I8 D8, no traits, no profession, no nothing and just let each player play a month.

I once had a silly idea of a sort of player community.

You get a bunch of characters in one spot in the middle of nowhere and each player plays their character which are specialized for a week or so. Their goal was to build a survivor fort or something.