For me this is good idea. I hate situations when raid ends because one random zombie see me through window. It is sooo annoying… With crouch option we can just walk by. It can be also use for better accuracy in shooting

This is actually way more complex than it sounds, because it would mean implementing limited visibility - ability to see tiles, but not stuff on them.

Doesn’t this already exist ? I have the impression that sometimes you can see a far tile drawn but not its content.

Nope, for example you can see the items on the table. You can’t see the items in containers like a drawer.

What about a slight accuracy bonus for ranged weapons, something minor. I feel like it’s a moderately good idea. Could throw prone in there too, if you wanted.

This would make a lot of work to straighten out terrain and furniture issues. Which terrain is short enough to crouch and hide behind? And, how does crouching affect your vision, in addition to how it affects your visibility? Not saying it’s a bad idea or that it shouldn’t be done, but it is a bit of work.

I feel like a lot of this could simply be handwaved as if you can shoot past it standing, then you can raise up to the edge of the object high enough while crouching/leaning against it to fire over it. If not, you can lean out around a corner.