So you want to hide in a mail box

Well you’re in luck because it might soon be possible !
#28593 is introducing hiding as a new action available to the player (and to some extent everybody else)

Here’s the current state of affairs as to what can hide who and at what cost for their sigt range :

Furniture Max Size Allowed NO_SIGHT
Pillow Fort Medium NO
Brick Kiln Tiny NO
Metal Kiln Empty Tiny NO
Rock Kiln Tiny NO
Rock Forge Tiny NO
Forge Tiny NO
Open Crate Medium YES
Dumpster Medium YES
Dryer Small YES
Washing Machine Small YES
Locker Medium YES
Dresser Medium YES
Fridge Medium YES
Mail Box Tiny YES
Recycle Bin Tiny YES
Trash Can Tiny YES
Cupboard Small YES

To minimize back and forth edting of jsons I’d like to have feedback on what should be in that list.
So please feel free to give your opinion and justifications on the question either here or on github.
(I’m doubling down on this with github AND forum thread just to get more answers)

Notes :

  • NO_SIGHT flag means you (and any creature) gets sight range of 1 when on the tile
  • No mutation actually allows to be the size of a squirrel (tiny) so no hiding in mailboxes for player I’m afraid.

Tiny mouse mutants will be able to hide in all the things with this!


What practical uses would hiding in places that block sight, or even the ones that don’t, have for players? You couldn’t really use it to get away from monsters following you could you? I mean if they’re agroed to you when you get in they’ll just run up to the last place they saw you and find you trapped wouldn’t they? Even if you lose line of sight they can still use your sent to find you.

Now if this is mainly for monsters to use it would make a lot more sense. Clearing a house just to be surprised by a child zombie popping out of a dryer or something like that does sound like a very interesting new challenge.

Not every monster has good scent. Run out of line of sight, then hide and wait for them to pass.

Especially good when scent starts interacting with wind.


The stealth mechanics need some love. Happy some one is working on it.


Basically yes zombie can smell you so hiding is not a good strategy against them.
Although not all monster can, and NPCs for example can’t.
Fnally hiding will be available for every creature, since I can’t really implement Ai stuff correctly it will be a bit iffy at first for AI but I’m sure someone else will be able to sort it out and we’ll have , for exemple, smart monster that can hide, stupid monster that can’t and hidey monster that specialise in hiding.