CEARS (pronounced seers) gear is basically a full body suit with internal climate control, oxygen rebreather, and semiotic fluid/future lube for limb regeneration/no rubbing.

But these suits should come in different flavors:
Armored Military Suit
Thick carbon nano-fibres and steel plates for defense.
Internal UPS.

Industrial/Engineering Model
Heavy hydraulics reduce dexterity and increase strength.
Internal Toolset for crafting.

Hazardous Environment Protection
Internal Geiger counter for radioactive material handling.
Fireproof material coating.
Insulation for less energy usage.

Civilian ‘Outdoorsman’ Unit
Minor Climate Control.
Minor Storage Capacity.
Lightweight and easily damage able materials.

well then…how rare are we talking? proto-type? mansion find only?

All perfect for entering in that weird portals and solving the Cataclysm [glow=red,2,300]straight in the source[/glow]!

Perhaps a small chance of finding it at labs and military bases?

And since we have this suits, why not enable zombies to have them equipped, at both places mentioned above?

mm, future lube.

Semiotic fluid: Saussure’s favourite drink.

These would be rare findings in the places you would expect. But its basically a space-suit with more utility. So entering The Portal would be possible.