Bridges Suit from Death Stranding

It would be cool to have an equivalent to the Standard Issue Bridges Suit from Death Stranding. It has a large “backpack” that distributed the weight of the cargo evenly across your legs, hips, back and shoulders. It also has attachment points at the hips and shoulders that are rated to carry up to 200 lbs.

While this suit would enable you to haul vast amounts of loot, it would be very restrictive, and you will not be able to wear much more equipment or armor. It also requires you to place cargo in special containers that need to be packed and sealed before loading, making it less practical for casual use.

The uses for this will be fairly niche, being useful for thorough scavenging runs after you’ve cleared out an area, allowing the player to carry hundreds of lbs of loot, but that loot has to be packed into special containers and can’t be accessed without breaking open the container and having to repack it to haul it again. This means if you loot a gun, you won’t be able to use it unless it’s unpacked.

I figure in-game it could be a rare find in industrial buildings and military bases, or be craftable by the player with high enough skill. The containers could be craftable with some tools, a welding torch, and some sheet metal. The suit would need a full workshop with a forge and a variety of tools and materials. It would prevent the player from using any other armor or bags and prevent them from using any vehicles other than bikes and atvs. There would be severe combat penalties, and moving on rough terrain or over obstacles takes much longer.

Anyone think this could be doable in game?


Something like that will never make it into the core. Shouldn’t be impossible, just finicky, so it’d make a great mod.

Yeah you can mod this kind of thing, but I do not see anything like that to be useful in CDDA world where character can just make a wheelbarrow or travois.

I mean, with that type of logic, there’s no real need to do a lot of things in game. Like filling vehicle tanks with water, there’s water in the nearby forest, river or sea.

No, it is not the same logic.

What use is the bulky suit which only property is “can carry ton of loot”? How could it be better than a regular suit, which gives armor, + a big backpack which, too, can hold a lot of stuff but can also be quickly dropped if you need to fight/run away?

The very niche use I could possibly see for an enormous pack that disallows more than basic clothing (what about winter?) would be to move loot through terrain where you can’t use a (foldable) trolley. If you require special packing and unpacking then its use would be further restricted to cases where that distance is long enough that it’s still faster than making multiple trips.
A possible weird case (which probably doesn’t exist in game) would be to walk an obstacle course with stairs up and down dozens or hundreds of times with only a few horizontal steps between them. The labs I’ve see have sufficiently few stairs to negotiate that a folding trolley works sufficiently well (especially if you cheat by folding the trolley rather than unloading it at each staircase, as that’s a lot faster than unloading each unstackable item one at a time).

It can also be noted that even a hoarder like myself may start to realize that following the advice to take the nails as well might not be an efficient use of your time and storage capabilities. Sure, there are cases where the loot is something you actually need (like building material you actually plan to use), but do you really need 200 guns of the same type?