A question about stairs

Is there a way to build stairs that go up from the starting location? I can see how to mine down and dig down but not up.

Well I see the option to dig up but I suspect that requires dirt or rock above you.

I think digging up is the only option. There currently isn’t a way to construct a staircase otherwise.

I never build a base…I’m sorry…digging…up? 0_o

If you’re underground you can dig up from your current location. It’s useful in a niche sort of way and I’ve always thought about trying to do it to escape a lab, but if you have the materials to dig up you can just rip out the back wall and call it a day.

(For your reference and because it pertains to the thread’s query. https://cdda-trunk.chezzo.com/construction/view/14406)

Ohhhhh…ok. Well. That is cool. But I thought you meant while in a standard house and you were on the ground floor. Then jack hammer up through the ceiling and make a set of stairs lol

I was like. Really? That is a thing? Kinda cool if so. But a little odd xD