Conserved(CANned) or packed food

well - in the game it is good.
but when i see info about food - i do not see it.
i see info about package and only.
if i see glass canister of conserved meat - i see info about glass canister and only, but need to see also and info about food - how many callories and which vitamines contained in this food. if i see cardboard box of somewhat - info aboud cardboard accessible but not about somewhat.
vacuum-sealed food - same sorrow.

The nutrition and thirst levels should be shown in the item Window too. In you Hit shift+E you get a list of all your food items in the up-to-date version of the game. There you get the values too. In addition you can unpack items like cardboardboxes and plastic bags with shift+U. This shows all items that can be unpacked/unloaded.


maybe my version is need to update.
well. thanks.