Confused, Latest Nightly Build

I just downloaded the latest nightly build from the main page. Is there a new font in place or something? It looks totally different. It’s the SDL version, by the way. But it doesn’t look or run as smoothly as the .6 SDL or other SDL version. Am I missing something?

Oh, and there are weird text clipping errors. I have my viewport height and width set to 65 and 25, respectively.

Yeah, now it reads fonts from your windows/fonts directory as well. So you can use something like Lucida Console.

That fixedsys should be called fixedsysTTF now (double click that ttf file to view it’s actual name).

The clipping errors might be because of overrun or something.

I’ve been using an alternate font with someone, and the first one or two we tried had weird clipping issues when set to squarish. Currently I’m using VeraMono at 14x14 57x47, makes symbols a little more than 13x13 and fills up my screen.

Would you recommend that font for my resolution of 1600x900?

The first font named Fixedsys in windows\fonts folder fits 10x20, solutions:




Don’t forget you can add another line of font size if you feel the font doesn’t fill the grids correctly.

For juggled fonts, it probably needs anti-aliasing, for example:

Your font name

I have Terminus. Any way to make it bold?

There’s currently no bold option, unless you find a bold font.

BTW, which terminus are you talking about? Let me see if there’s some workaround.


I found a bold version here:
Check the links below that page.

The one from sourceforge, in a .fon file.

Font type is sort of a personal thing.