Font Ruined? Resolution Ruined? What Happened?

Hello, was really enjoying the bleeding edge version, specifically 0.6-196-g150d916.

Unfortunately, downloaded 0.6-239-q4445f7f today. Screen went from the size of an ipod tablet to the size of a smallish sandwich. Text is now mashed together and unreadable. a/g/q/p indistinguishable.

Not sure if this is just a temporary hiccup in bleeding edge, but it was the first loss of quality I’ve seen in development so it kind of surprised me. Do I need to start rejiggering my computer setting every time I boot up this game? That would be a BAD THING

Just play around FONTDATA it would fix it, probably they just forgot to fix it for new build.
Here is bleeding edge, using artwiz snap 10 10 9, nevermind nothing tile :smiley:

Oh, Font Data did fix it. Thanks. I learned something. Hooray…