Ability to "PUSH" a enemy

I’v been playing C:DDA for some time, and i can’t help thinking to myself at some points: “DAMN IT, I wish I could push this Zombie/Wolfspider out of this door/window frame then close it.”

I think we have all been at that point where were to hurt, and slow to get away with something chomping your ars, and there is dittly you can do.

All I ask for is a simple key that lets you push the offending critter away from you.
as for the specifics, maybe make it so it depends on your STR lvl, and what Mob your trying to push to be successful?
Push a wolfspider? Sure.
Push a Zombie? Maybe.
A Bear? ya… good luck with that.

The ability to push something a… step?(whatever you call it) would be a godsend.

I think it’s planned as part of GlyphGryph combat overhaul.

It’s already on the list of things that are eventually planned (link).