Companion is talking about my weed while asleep

Smoked a joint to get my char to sleep. One companion is asleep the other is awake, I kicked the awake one out so he wouldn’t wake me up telling me my shit smells skunk. But low and behold the sleeping one is speaking up… I know I got the primo but come on…

Funny thing about this is it maybe a bug. But by the same token a bug mimicking reality lol

I hate weed. I hate like I like the idea of jerking off with sand paper. So this is a nice bug to have as a new feature xD

Your opinions on weed in reality are off topic in a bug report.

Not really. I did mention it could stay and be a logical resemblance to reality.

Weed is a way to make the character sleep. If an npc is talking in its sleep thats a bug and in no way realistic.

People never talk in their sleep? >;)

I didn’t even know NPCs complained about weed. Though you’re right. They probably shouldn’t be able to talk in their sleep.

Also remember to finish your joint before you pass out. Otherwise you’ll light your house on fire.

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I found that one out the hard way…

Life or game?

I never make my toon smoke, but this would add a nice level of realism.

in game. It probably works with cigs. But since generally you only use weed because you’re trying to sleep and can’t.

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so still asleep or did he wake up from it to complain?