Trying to sleep is uninterruptible while zombie bashing your car/allies

It is an old but very annoying problem. If your toon try to sleep but can’t, the time passes without interrupt. If this time zombies attack your vehicle, your allies etc. you can’t react to the danger.

Here a lone zombie broke my windshield and fight with a friendly NPC while my toon tried to sleep:

It’s hard to say what the “trying to go to sleep” is. I always imagined it as tossing and turning/staring at the ceiling stuff.

If that’s the case it should bring up a prompt to ask if you want to interrupt it when things are literally tearing shit apart five feet from you.

So yeah this should probably be an interrupable action.

Ear Plugs allow sleeping with noise all around if that helps.

“Damn I can’t sleep with these zombies wrecking my stuff and killing my companions!”
Puts ear plugs
“All fine now”


Some people have sex with their partners while they sleep. Seriously lol

pressing num5 should interrupt it?