Sleeping Smoker Death

Not quite a bug but some behavior that should probably get changed.

Currently it seems that if you go to sleep and a smoker happens to wander near enough that its smoke gets to you, you will die. You will cough yourself to death and you won’t wake up.

Now, I can understand some of the arguments: people die in their sleep to suffocation. smoke inhalation, etc. It happens. Yes. I get that.

However, smoke isn’t very well modeled right now. I recently had a character die from a smoker while inside a room with no windows (just doors), and the smoker was literally outside the building. Smoke passes through walls, as I’m sure everyone knows. It sucks to lose a character and a lot of progress to something you have absolutely no control over and isn’t working realistically (yet) in the first place.

So simply put; at least until smoke is better modeled, if you are taking damage from coughing you should wake up. I would argue you should wake up regardless of the smoke model, but yeah.