Condiments/toppings and eating foods "together"

It would be nice if you could add condiments or toppings to food you make for a bonus to enjoyment, as well as eat foods “together.” Like using the cheese spread with the crackers you get in an MRE, or eating cornbread with a stew. Could be done with a separate “eat” menu where you can select multiple things to eat at once.

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Such a system, without implementing explicit rules for what goes with what, would lead to people eating mayo with fried seeds and having that same +joy that you’d get from correct usage of condiment.
imo if we want condiments to be actually useful it would be better to just give them +X to joy factor until there are more recipes that actually make use of them.

The enjoyment bonuses don’t really matter, they are too low and fade away too fast given the time investment into food preparation (both IRL and ingame). Not to mention that next portions have reduced enjoyment (total bs).

Turn on stereo (+30 joy) and eat roasted cattail rhizomes. Ingame food is such a waste of time.

I think having any system that has specific things that “go with” others would always be inherently flawed, as everyone has different tastes. Some people like mayo on their french fries, others are disgusted by it. As long as you aren’t adding vinegar to ice cream or something like that, there should be a bonus.

Wait do people just eat condiments on their own right now? I just avoid them and doing that because it seems wrong

You aren’t gaining much by spending hours crafting food. Most of the food you can stick condiments in is is <5 joy, and as said before, that bonus is too low and fades away too fast to be good for anything.

You aren’t getting any more calories from crafting boring sandwiches than just eating the condiments on their own.

So, “everyone has different tastes” but “As long as you aren’t adding <X> to <Y> or something like that”. Elaborate please, I don’t quite get the idea.