Combined Monstergroups Override (Updated 2/25/2016)

Mod is updated with changes from Pisskops Rebalance Mod 0.70, enjoy :slight_smile:

Shit I just read this mod and understood what it does. No wonder things were so out of whack. Time for a new world.

Okay, it seems to spaz out when it cant find the Forgotten races, and since Elves are deadlier than Brutes I dont run with it - Have I put things together wrong, or is it just hard wired to require them?

You will have to manually remove the entries for any mods from the overrides list you aren’t using. The readme can give you instruction on which file to edit and the json has lots of comments the make it clear what mod is altering each group and how.

I didn’t realize my elves were stronger than brutes, that’s not right. Could you post a brief something in the forgotten races thread, giving your impression of the monster strengths? I will do more with the mod and feedback helps.

will this work if you only have some of the mods listed? id assume not, but always good too check, right?

really depends, but likely will with a few errors as the game deletes nonexistant monsters.

the real issue is how up to date it is now. remind me to look, but give it a try?

Nothing of mine has been updated in the last 2 months, I haven’t had the energy or time. It’s been about that long since I’ve even started Cataclysm. :frowning: If it’s broken, and someone has the inclination to fix it, I’d be most pleased to give you full credit for your good works if you make it available for everyone. I try to check the boards at least once or twice a week, but it’s been tough to keep up, this awesome community generates a lot of content, and github is impossible to keep up with more than just the merges. Lots of interesting sounding enhancements have been made, lots of mods are probably breaking as a result. That’s life in the Cataverse :wink:

<3 for Cata


I just ran through and updated it for me, since Im by and large the biggest addition to this, what with being an exclusively critter/modlist addittion mod.

I didnt realize how small my frequency weights were >.<

Thank you for the update, pisskop. :slight_smile: Iirc, the weights are all relative to one another, ie. all weights in a group are totaled and each one has it’s personal weight out of that total weights chance of spawning. I feel like a lot of the default weights are a bit over inflated tbh, especially in swamps. I haven’t experimented with it recently though :frowning:

So after trying and failing to update this mod pisskop provided with one, so here it is: it combines the Pisskop’s rebalance mod,Cataclysm++ mod, Forgotten Races mod and Dino mod.!198&authkey=!ALLGe9enjOBso_k&ithint=file%2Crar

^^^ This is updated for my own update. Otherwise its the same as noctifer’s post.

One of your }s was a ] at the end, causing an error. Here’s a fixed one: