Combat style throwing

Basically have certain combat styles insert throwing into the mix of what you can do,
-Ninjistu getting the ability to build up charges per turn up to 3 where you can throw thee similar objects at the same time
-A style where it gets throwing charges increasing the next throws range and power with charges from movement from capitalizing on moving momentum.
-Disruptive throws, where you hit a leg or something which would make them lose action points
-Leg shots, you stick the object in their leg making it not work properly making movement cost more.

Imo barehanded fighting needs a nerf and rework. So it involves more throwing shoving back and tripping with follow up attacks or … simply to push back followers to flee. Unless you got some serious mutations with wich you can directly inflict injuries (like claws or nasty teeth).

Maybe add chokeholds or neckbreaking for the strong.

Nitpick, throwing multiple things is not a legit technique, it’s the equivalent of throwing sand, just a distraction (which won’t work on zombies)
Source, studied ninjutsu for a year :stuck_out_tongue:
Momentum effects need momentum tracking (i.e. running), which I want to add, but it’s low on the pile.
Distractions sure, crippling sure.