Unarmed Armed Style(or: how i learned the Hiten Mitsurugi Style)

Found in version 0.A-2249. Don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature lacking clarification, but reeling attacks can be made with weapons, if you choose Brawling as your unarmed style and then wield a weapon. Only reeling shows up, not other Brawling special attacks, and style while armed shows up as Normal. Choosing No Style stops reeling of happening.

Bug reproduced with success using broadsword, zweihander and wakizashi, using level 7 in Unarmed, Melee and Cutting Weapons.

Not a bug, several techniques have a tag that explicitly allows using them with weapons.

Yeah, the zweihander is certainly WAI as it has Brutal Attack as a function of the weapon. I’m not so sure about the broadsword and the wakizashi, though.

Brawling’s Power Hit and Feint techniques are listed as usable with weapons. Trip and Counter aren’t.

Seems like it’s just a useful little bonus for having raised your unarmed to two at some point?