Combat Guide

well im farly new and it might be a dumb question but how do i actualy aim and fire my gun ? cant seam to find any information about it.

Make sure you have it in your hands and then press f to enter aim mode, then select your target and hit enter to fire your weapon.

But don’t fire your weapon. It’ll make noise, and unless you’re fending off an army of robots, shoggoths, brutes, hulks, or Jabberwocks, it’s not worth it.

Best start off with some kind of silenced weapon, like a bow or sling.

Thank you when I get more experience I think I’ll try and write a newbi first combat guide with tips and trix. Where it is explained the basic of combat to someone that haven’t played the game.

Have a weapon wielded and press f to enter in firing mode. Now, you can either select an enemy would you like to shoot at or select an enemy and press * to snap to this target.

By the way - don’t waste ammo. Although spawning in 0xA is quite strange, even though it’s not worth to shoot every usual zombie.