Collection of minor bugs

  1. Offensive Defensive System bionic does not trigger on zombie bites.

  2. It it possible to wake up from the cold while the display is still at comfortable. Might be intentional since it is also possible to wake up from the light while underground in a sealed room.

  3. The message upon getting warm is “Phew, it’s hot warm.”

  4. Disease resistant/immune mutations do not factor into infected bites.

  5. Bladed weapons show up in the inventory under the tools category, so attributes like weak block are not listed when examined.

  6. American/British spelling is used inconsistently – jug description uses litre while engines use liter.

  7. Electroshock unit bionic only works while unarmed, despite the description claiming it works with conductive weapons.

  8. Integrated toolset can’t be used as a hammer in all of the construction recipes, the two pipe SMGs and the chainsaw recipes.

  9. Clean water can’t be used to craft dog food (not that anyone has ever crafted dog food).

Another one: if it is possible to scroll the kill list, I have no idea how to do it.

Fixed 3, 8, 6 and 9.

3 : Lol at me changing “It’s hot out” to “It’s hot warm”.

2 : Normal bodytemp is the midpoint of “cold” and “hot”, and comfortable is the range “cold” to “hot”. When sleeping, if you are below Normal (so you still can be comfortable), there is a chance you wake up. Chances increase the colder you are.

If you are cold, there is a 1/3500 chance that you wake up, so 0.29% chance of waking up during a 10 minute interval of sleep. 13.7% chance you will wake up during an 8 hour stretch of sleep.

Let me know if, while comfortable, you woke up from the cold very often.

If you are fixing the construction menu, I wonder why you can use nailguns to deconstruct. I get it as a construction object, but why deconstruction?

They are future nail guns, they take nails out as well as put them in.

They use the power of vacuums as well as the power of compressed air.

Ow, right, nailguns suck. I get it.

Not sure if it’s just me or not but the new Github version seams to have a problem with the unseen area being marked as just black instead of #. If I look around it gets all funky pasting nearby tiles over the empty ones. It’s not a large problem as it only effects squares i can’t actually see but it is a annoying at times.

Did someone say nailguns?

Always headshots (sometimes it fails :3), silent, burst mode that fires 5 nails (Enough to kill a Brute), easy to-get ammo, work as craft ingredient, can be modded and has 100 nails. The only downside its the range

Really… I complain about nailguns being able to remove nails from constructions. AseaHeru says, it uses a vacuum. So, nailguns suck…

It is too small for that.

Is that why Jihelu like nail guns so much? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t help but feel this thread has been derailed slightly

so very slightly.
hey, there haven’t been any deaths yet.
Well, except for Jihelu, but he was the one who thought "blow’’ was “suck”

[quote=“AseaHeru, post:15, topic:522”]so very slightly.
hey, there haven’t been any deaths yet.
Well, except for Jihelu, but he was the one who thought "blow’’ was “suck”[/quote]
nails are fucking rad

and thats why you have a few hundred of them in your groin?

Damnit Glyph. ;.;. I didn’t say the full word.

Someone messed with garage source and vehicles are sometimes spawned in a weird location:

Seen that before but to be honest I thought I’d drove through it on a previous character. Guess not.