A couple of things

Here area couple of things I have noticed. I am not sure if those are bugs, but still:

  1. Zombies seem to have some magical sense of “sensing” me; particularly if I walk next to the wall outside of a building in which they are, they seem to go batshit crazy. Smell shouldn’t go through walls and my footsteps are of regular noise?

  2. There seem to only very little labs in most recent experimental. In my current world I have explored a good part of the overmap and can’t seem to find any lab. Which is doubly frustrating as I have perfect conditions for more bionics and a shopping cart full of lab ids.

  3. Zombies seem to not fully grasp what they can bash and what they shouldn’t bash. I had a couple of situations in which a zombie was trying to get to me, but there was a wall in the way, which it proceeded to bash for a long time. This could very well be intended, as zombies are probably not the smartest fellas.

  4. (more of a suggestion): Should profession traits not state what exactly they do in the description? I know it’s more flavourful the way it is now, but some more precise info,
    e.g. MD: - due to your experience with medical procedures, installing bionics never fails (or whatever the effect is)
    In fact, people are going to look up the professiont traits on the internet anyway, so not telling them the effect (not neccessarily the numbers) just leads to them having to spend time googling it.

  5. (IIRC) the survivor helmet seems to have the same protection valus as the army helmet, yet it causes much more encumbrance (on the head, so meh), with no apparent advantages?

That is all for now. To end this on a positive note, I am very happy to see where this game is going. (thinking items stating what they can be used for in crafting or the extended vehicle parts/turrets stuff).

Survivor helmet is warmer than army helmet IIRC.

I’ve had zombies simply keep smashing at cars when they are in the way, which seems… odd.

That’s because they’re supposed to be stupid.

They’re attracted to the sound of your footsteps.

They’re attracted to the sound of the bashing.

They're attracted to the sound of your footsteps.

Well, damn those zombies sure do have a good sense of hearing.

Although, are you really sure of that? Because sometimes, when I am running around town with my full night vision, I run past zombies and they don’t seem to give a damn, but hearing footsteps on the other side of a wall is enough to let them go crazy?
Probably, once the first zombie starts whumping at the wall the others get attracted too and start smashing as well. God forbid they smash something that was secured with an alarm, though…

The options are they can hear you or they can smell you, both can happen. If they smell you it’s through a window or a door. They can hear you through walls no problem.

As for the smashing, zombies are coded to be “overly optomistic” about what they can smash. If there’s a horde trying to get through the same spot though, it gives them a “weight of numbers” bonus which can allow them to smash things that individual zombies cannot.

Army helmet has 95% coverage. This means that you can still get pinpricked to death. 100% coverage armor is very convenient when fighting hordes of weak stuff.