Collectible items?

How does everyone feel about including collectible items to CDDA? Some with eventual uses perhaps?

Some ideas:

Deck of Cards:
54 total cards to collect. Once all are collected and combined, (a)ctivating the deck of cards will allow you to play solitare for a morale boost.
Finally a use for town names?
Novelty Lighters:
Just for fun.

EDIT:: Thought of another good one:

Tarot Cards - 78 total cards that when combined into a deck and (a)ctivated will have a chance of informing you about certain “invisible” effects. ( Infection, Radiation Poisoning, etc. )

Too much clutter.
How about collecting “Key to the city”, 1 per town. Lol

Similar stuff has been proposed before:

Novelty Lighters:
That should be fairly easy. Copy the definition of the lighter in the toools.json and change some flavor (remember to add the new item to item groups to make it spawn).

The other stuff requires coding, or different items and a recipe:
make 78 different items (each is a single card), make a recipe that uses all of them and turns them into a new item: “complete set of cards”.

It’s not supported in the game right now, but I outlined a method where a collection would have just two item entries, one for the in-progress collection, and one for the completed collection.
Thanks for reminding me, I might want to see about implementing this for fun.

As it stands we’re all just collecting books.

Speaking of collecting books, it would be nice if getting some collectibles required you to visit dangerous places. Way to extend the game (or shorten it as you get torn into pieces, lol).

I wanted collectible story pages, where you slowly found pages of the story of a young scientist on his endeavors through the wasteland, make the ending super rare so very few know what it is.

How about you yourself eet what you wantnto collect.

I collect top hats an bowler hats

Collecting atomic nightlights was always fun.

I’ve been looking for Vault-Tec Bobbleheads… these are ingame right? Right?

Trying to boost my stats (snicker).