Was just thinking it’d be cool if Cataclysm had a couple sets of collectible items just for fun. First thought came from going in a pawn shop and finding samurai/swashbuckling/sci-fi/sports novels along the wall… It’d be cool if we had an in-game checklist for a books collection… And then a set of cards, maybe 100-150 cards, to collect all of :slight_smile: Even a couple sets… Classic Movie Monsters, Creatures and Cars of Cata (CCC!), even assembling a whole deck of regular playing cards would be entertaining (because everyone knows when an apocalypse happens all decks of playing cards explode and are scattered across the planet!)… Anyway, the cards could be a 0 weight/0 volume type thing… Even checklists for in-game guns/clothes/food could be set up for the perfectionists :wink:

I know its a pointless idea and most people would like to see real, functional stuff added, but after setting up the in-game checklist page(s), it wouldn’t be very hard after that :slight_smile: Everyone loves completing senseless collections, or am I wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a neat idea but in the words of Kevin it’s too “Gamey” (…That is how he spells it right?)

Pah, I love gamey!! :wink: … Then… we’ll call it an inclusive reality-based object oriented miniature hoarding simulation module… :wink: Or IRBOOMHSM for short…

So, like Pencils in Fallout?

I don’t think this is gamey at all really as you’re not getting anything of benefit out of it (gamey usually means when doing something meaningless/grindy/easy gives you small bonuses) and adding more ‘objectives’, even if with little actual gameplay pay off, would be a great way to add more interest/challenge for the player.

One game (I can’t remember what it was) gave you a different starting screen if you collected all of the collectables/whatever it was, which I thought was a good way of having something to show for your effort without it affecting the actual game play

Cards sound like a good idea, but I’d have it at a moderately completable number, something like 50, and weighting them to labs/military/subways/other harder to reach places.

I think it might be a fun idea to add a deck of cards you could potentially collect, but I’m not too sure how to go about it. You would definitely want them to be able to stack in your inventory, and maybe have a screen that would allow you to see what you had/were missing, as well as different descriptions. It sounds really sweet, but I think we might need some item handling refactoring to go in first (trust me that I’ll definitely be taking a shot at implementing something like it once it’s possible though! :P).

I think collectibles are a hella cool idea and a good source of bragging rights. I would probably limit it to one set of collectible items that the game recognises and acknowelges when you collect them all.

Wait, nobody else is collection pickles?

And here I was collecting rattlesnakes… I guess cards work too.

I like collecting books from libraries. I wonder if you could have multi-volume books that you could find scattered and assemble them into complete sets. Not for any particular reason, but it might be fun.

Let me suggest free-format collection lists that can be parsed together. By standard there could be few collectible sets (like flyers and t-shirts) but you should be able to write your own and share your sets with community.

Main reason for this is to avoid copyright issues. This comes from the most obivious collectible item set : Little Plastic Ponies. So community could provide these copyrighted sets outside the official game files and share them together.

How about bucks? Hoard an immense pile of money. Construct a 10-feet glass pillar 20 miles above the ground level, fill it with one dollar bills and make a functional elevator to the space pod. Endgame on the nearest habitable planet. Voila!

I like the your idea. Kinda like easter eggs for players to find.
Beside cards, we can have action figures as collectibles, somekind of robot or super heroes figure.

Gah, the idea of collecting dead rattlesnakes is amazing…

I still think it’s a bit too gamey but if we’re gonna do it, why not do a trophy idea? EG you kill a Tankbot and you get a “Chunk of Tankbot hull” description “This chunk of hull was some of what was left of that tankbot you destroyed, you might be able to make a pretty cool, if heavy, peice of armor from this.”

Or a sword… swords are nice too.

Or any metal weapon.

I’m not big on the trophy idea or checklist of all in game weapons or items whatever. but I do like the idea of collecting like cards, dolls, action figures, hell even those bubble gum comics would be fun little treasures to discover in gas stations. I would love to see a deck of cards in the game. it is what I would do to kill time. nice game of solitaire or something.

Mmm, display cabinet with skulls of defeated enemies? That’s priceless!

CBM Flyers anyone? I once was trying to find the flyers for all the CBM avaiable in the game on my save at 0.8 :V

I’d like it if, on the off chance collectables are added, you could use say, a deck of themed cards to kill time, and your enjoyment of said deck was tied to how complete it is.

“Solitaire isn’t any fun when you’ve only got one card.”
“If you had any friends, you could play Euchre with this many cards.”
“Sweet! Your set of Catastrophe: Dark Decks Ahead cards is complete!”