What is your CDDA Holy Grail?

Hi, new player here and would love to hear what everyone else considers the best possible thing to happen for their play through. Whether it is an item, a place or mutation …etc,. Do you go out of your way to find it or keep an eye out or let RNG decide? :joy:

Why do you consider it a boon/curse(however you like to play not judging :rofl:) ?

I don’t have a holy grail moment, still strolling around evac shelter(s) trying to get a hang of the controls :joy: but in all truth, that is every second in CDDA for me, as each is such a joyous momentous moment for lack of better words :face_holding_back_tears:

Roller skates/blades

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Finding out that you can store books on an e-ink tablet pc instead of lug a million books around.

Complete game changer, make use of it every play through now.

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Getting a explosive like a grenade or crafting one like a pipe bomb or homemade grenade. This is effectively a insurance agianst any enemy as long as you have a bit of throwing skill and are able to predict where the enemy will be in about 5 seconds.

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C.R.I.T Engineer start. Waaay to overpowered, 28 damage nailgun and ELECTRICITY_IMMUNE Engineer Suit, plus the S.I GEAR (permanent +2 to all stats)

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Mine has been finding a street that doesnt have any zombies where I can dismantle furniture and build stuff in peace.

I went 3 days without any zombies in my peaceful neighborhood and then mid-construction I discovered the horror that is a Cerbearus.

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My ideal situation is when I have my basic kit (5cs or 10cs) complete and then I find a horse that I can ride. Living off the land, nomadic lifestyle all the way


What? How? :exploding_head:
That’s so neat, I’ll definitely keep an eye out when eventually I (get the courage to) find a city :joy:

Trait or no trait? :thinking:
is it doable without?

What? How? :exploding_head:
That’s so neat, I’ll definitely keep an eye out when eventually I (get the courage to) find a city :joy:

tips for for predicting? I’m bad at distances in general but I’m also new to the speed/movement system in CDDA.

WHAT.IS.THAT? :scream: tell me it’s builder’s feeling of bliss effect that the game so kindly bestows on you. :face_holding_back_tears: it’s definitely not a mutated hound(s) right?

I’m gonna sound like a noob, as I should, but what is a basic kit? 5cs? 10cs?

that is the goal and the dream :drooling_face:

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Find a book, turn on the tablet pc and copy the book into the device.
You can actually store all the copied books/data into an clean SSD card so you can transfer it to another device or have a spare in a water tight container like a ziplock bag just in case you accidentally brick your device
Last time I played you could also use recipes without turning the tablet on, might be a bug but still nice nonetheless.

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I’ve been going in circles trying this… I don’t even have the option. Tonnes of books, and e-inks, but no ability to scan in or store recipes from all the books I’ve found. I do however have a nice set of wheels… :slight_smile:

But I would like to try scanning in recipes… Any suggestions where I’m going wrong? (0.F-3 curses)

Yeah, just stick to roads and avoid fights (or take them off).

For most Zombies: They move about 1 tile per second and more or less in a straight line towards you (or towards a target closer to them).

Nope, just a mutated bear.

Smartphones also work that way, if you can’t find an e-ink tablet. :slight_smile:

This function is not available in 0.F-3, as it was added at some point in experimental. It’s extremely likely that it will be in the next stable relase, though.

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Thanks. I was starting to wonder! :slight_smile:
Alas I need a tech upgrade before I can version upgrade.

Any enemy will in general move in a straight line towards you in a open space. This means that you can simply estimate where it will move in about 5 seconds. My tip would be to wait until the enemy is fairly close (20-10) squeres depending on the speed) and than try to predict on which square it will be in 5 seconds. Thow the explosive on that square. Than it is important that you run in the exact opposite direction so that the enemy doesn´t change its path and you put some distance between you and the explosion.

If you do it just right the enemy will be one the same square or adjacent to the explosive when it goes off. Almost certainly killing it if on the same square and if not killing at least severely injuring it if right next to it. I have killed skeletal juggernauts, any all types of hulks and any mega-insects with this in one hit. Although some especially armoured and high-hp enemies might survive but you can just chuck another explosive at them.

The most important thing is having a bit of throwing skill (3 at least) in order to get the explosive where you want it and to use some kind of fragmantation device (grenade and pipe bomb) so no dynamite sticks. It is also important to wait until the enemy gets closer so that your accurecy increaces.

The most difficult part however is predicting where the enemy will be. In terrain such as forest or if indoors it is difficult to predict where the enemy will be becease of obstacles that might catch your grenade or the enemy might move around or be slowed down by obstacles. I would advice not using grenades in forest (it gets caught on a tree near you and you can´t get through the bushes fast enough to get out of the blast) and to use it indoors if there is a clear path the enemy is going to take towards you (across a open room or a hallway). You can also just drop a grenade infront of a door and close it in the enemies face. Even a wooden door will slow a hulk down enough for the grenade to go off under its feet.

It gets more difficult to predict where a enemy will be the faster it is. This means that the mega bugs and skeletal juggernauts which are so slow you can literally walk circles around them are very easy to take out with this method. Just quickly count how many squeres they moved in 5 seconds and use that to predict where they will be if they move in a staigt line towards you. For faster things like hulks, armored centipede´s and migo it requires a bit of practice but can still be very effective at taking out these high hp/high armour targets.

Anything faster or more mobile than this is generally not as sturdy and aren´t worth wasting a good explosive on unless they are clomped up in a group. An exeption might be regenerating enemies as a well placed explosive can take them out in a instand as it is the single most damaging thing the player has access to in the base game tied with vehicles.

Hope you all enjoyed my TED-talk about the stratigic use of explosives.

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Aren’t those peaceful by default? Did something anger it?

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Something must have if they are peaceful, there was a SWAT zombie in the area that it decimated. I hoped to use it to clear the city for me, trying to lead it to some zombies north of me, alas I ran out of stamina and it buttered my bread in like two turns.

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Should have it in the latest experimental.

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Best TED-Talk ever, explosively useful knowledge :joy: :joy: :joy:

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how do u do that, i play mobile 0.F3 and i tried ‘e’ ‘a’ ‘r’ ‘i’ on both the books and tablet, full batteries ive tried on read and unread books, and books with and without recipes that are read/unread. nothing works

bruh try CRIT Spec Ops if u want overpowered. invest stat points into strength, need atleast 13 STR
then you get 45+ dmg CRIT axe, takes no damge from the stupid armor stats, practically invincible, fights migo, trexs, zombie hulks ez

now try CRIT lone wolf, im currently on a play through to try and win the overrun start
takeing no damage, level 6 dodge (start with 4 adds 2 with first point) so even if the enemies somehow manage to hit me then i take no damage from armor, im practically immune to acid and fire (zombie burners/ billious zombie soldiers) so far my worst enemy is the zombie bio operators cause the shock damage and their knock down, but im playing with CRIT enforcement so with my CRIT service knife i get up to 3 tile knockback+stun on crit hits and i havent even tried the chain laser yet