Suggestion: Card Games, Board Games, Dice & More!

How about a deck of cards for long-term, non-battery entertainment? Perhaps even a few games of poker with NPCs while gambling up your excess cash cards and lighters.

Even better, a few board games! Trade wood for sheep, trade Park Place for a railroad, roll 4d6 to attack that orc… you name it!

I don’t know how to add graphics to the game, but this would be FANTASTIC to see! I’d definitely try to collect all of Cataclysm’s board games… especially every Dominions and Catan expansion. And actually keep my NPC companions alive and healthy, if only so my character could beat them at Twilight Struggle.

We do have video games believe it or not =)

Anything not vdeo related would have to be single player as NPC programming would be difficult…plus NPCs rarely get any love…which is why they pretty much suck and why we don’t have much “story/end game” content.


Make a usable computer that has roguelike game on it…

[quote=“Sharklaser, post:3, topic:12866”]Well.

Make a usable computer that has roguelike game on it…[/quote]
i wonder what game it is
apocalypse : dank weeks ahead

I like the idea, but only if you actually program poker in, so that you can play it.

I vote for swindlestones