Coding error in the Dehydrated Meat/Vegetable crafting

I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

My version is from November 20th, 2019. No mods, default settings. Only one tileset added.

In the [Dry] section of the [Food] category, there are two options for crafting dried foodstuffs for both Meat and Vegetables. The first option in the list uses the ingredient, dehydrator, and a fire-source charge with the process taking 20 minutes, the second option uses the ingredient, fire-source charge, and 18 minutes.

Looking at the two lists, the -only- difference I can see is the use or lack thereof of the fire-source charge and the factor of time.

After testing, there are no additional prompts aside from ingredient choice, so this isn’t a matter of choosing your heating option or anything.

From what I can see, using the fire-source charge essentially uses an extra ingredient, fire, and costs you an additional 2 minutes without any other effects.

I can’t say what the initial intent with this crafting choice was with certainty, but it was likely not coded correctly as this crafting version, as it is, is 100% redundant and unnecessary as the recipe without the fire source takes less time to the exact same effect.

Probably an easy fix once you realize it is there.

Actually intentional - one defrosts frozen ingredients, the other doesn’t.

There’s potential for adding something intuitive to suggest that’s the case, such as ‘defrost’ or such.

It makes sense, but the present form can lead to this very point of confusion.