I know that isn’t the smart thing to do in a apocalypse but traveling east and finding the ocean would be awesome , also would give a reason for implementing boats, fishing, beaches, ports and a lot of new buildings.

Yes, I want boats.

The ocean and baats are indeed planned features, and several of the main devs have stated their intentions of adding them

Well, that way things go, you’d have to deal with a navy blockade that would likely shoot you immediatly, assuming i understand the cannon properly. The world hasn’t ended, its just that there has been a massive outbreak of the goo in New England.

Given what’s happened along the riverbanks, if the goo’s got into the seawater I dread to think what we’ll find at the shoreline.

[me=GalenEvil]imagines Great White Shark + Goo = SciFi original movie sized Great White Shark[/me]