[0.9-3643-g6052d73] Landmines vs shopping carts

So I was out walking with my shopping cart, found an area which looked like landmines, tried to walk around, but stepped on a landmine I didn’t see and BOOM. This destroyed my shopping cart’s box, which is reasonable. But it also destroyed everything inside the cart! No trace of anything. Just two lumps of steel. The cart was pretty full as well.

Is this intended, or a bug? I think it would be more reasonable/realistic to for example scatter all items in the cart around the area, and with a chance of damage to each item.

This sounds like a bug of the type “We just never thought of it” I can’t imagine this is intended, we’ll have to try to implement something to fix this. Have you made an issue thread on GitHub?

Heck, I think a land mine + a shopping car full of stuff would = nothing left.

There should probably be a chance for some stuff to be damaged or destroyed, but having broken storage = all contents vanish to dev/null is bad. This bug probably covers all storage items and all sources of damage. What if the the box was smashed by a zombie and full of rebar, it doesn’t make any sense for all of it to just atomize.

Concur. If your container’s destroyed, take damage. Maybe a LOT of damage, enough to overkill most things. But don’t auto-delete.

I guess it should be fixed asap :slight_smile:

I’ll make an issue on github!