Reassigning footwear layers

Currently, shoes and boots occupy the ‘Normal’ clothing layer, meaning that you cannot wear , for example, a pair of leather pants and a pair of knee high boots (starting equipment for historical reenactor) without a significant encumbrance penalty. Moving footwear to the ‘Outer’ layer would prevent this, although it would probably just cause conflicts with other clothing items instead. What do other people think about this? Is this even a problem worth fixing?

I’m not sure there’s a problem here, knee-high boots over leather pants strikes me as a combination that’s going to cause you some trouble with encumbrance.
The ‘over’ layer on feet is reserved for things like snowshoes or galoshes you wear over regular shoes, doubling up on encumbrance there is much worse than an occasional incompatibility between particular clothes.

If anything, it seems reasonable to swap the knee-high boots on the reenactor for regular boots with no leg coverage.