Cleaning? Two questions

  1. Is there any way I can clean bloodstains off the floor in my base? I know liquids can be removed off the ground with a mop, but does the same apply to bloodstains, boomer bile, scraps of flesh, etc?

  2. How do I clean “filthy” clothing that dropped from zombies?

not sure about the first one , i also want an answer because i often kill people who to try to come down to my basement storage to steal

second one : they say you need a washer or whatever so i made one of those and loaded it with soap but every time i try to clean things , it says i need a large amount of fresh water , tried picking up a gallon jug full of water but still no dice , i think you need to be near a water source like a river but its just lame to travel to a river just to clean my clothes , why cant i use jugs and bottles

  1. I think you need a mop.

  2. Yeah, you need a washboard, soap, and a LOT of water. So basically it only works near a place with infinite water.

  1. A mop doesn’t care about the nature of the fluid. I’d be surprised if there’s a liquid or gunk it doesn’t remove. Try away.
    Edit: Also, if all else fails, use a water cannon to replace any puddle with water, and then use a mop to clean the water.

  2. If you look at real-life laundry machines, they consume several dozen gallons of water per batch. Not having personally tried laundering in Cata, I would experiment with having a full drum of the biggest sort nearby, either dirty water or clean water. Don’t forget that farms include functional wells.

If you look at real life examples of manual washing, they use tubs of water, not 800 units of water per article of clothing.

Looking at CDDAs bloody/gore/poo/giblet covered clothing, I would say you would be hard pressed to get a full load out of a bucket of water, but 1 shirt?

What this does do is more effectively tie the player to water, which is what hu-mans have traditionally have been. We do rivers and and oceans well.

I have to wonder though…

Would filthy gore stained clothing slightly reduce the range for zombies tracking by scent?

While the benefits of clothing being clean would certainly be a morale boost, I can imagine the zombies and even certain beasts being able to track humans a lot better if they smelled less like their rotten brethren or the surrounding environment.

But another benefit of having clean clothes might be a that you’re less likely to get ill or sustain infections from wounds because your clothing is cleaner.

While I’m all in for a system that encourages you to keep things clean, this is an argument in favour of such a system that doesn’t really makes any sense. You don’t get magically healthier just because you wear shiny clothes. Nor does it really reduce the risk of infection or anything like that. PERSONAL Hygiene has a very, very low effect on health in general. It’s ‘enviromental’ hygiene that does have an effect on human health - eating from moldy tableware/pouring your garbage out on the streets, etc. are all increasing the risk of spreading diseases. HOWEVER, that is pretty much a system that doesn’t belong in the game. Cata is a survival simulator (roughly speaking), not a ‘clean-your-room’ simulator.

‘Your mom says “clean your room”
You hit your mom.
Your mom disappears.’

Sure about that?

So how do I aquire a washboard? Haven’t found any yet. Well I have items spawn rate below .2 so I only have one soap bar (10), and I kinda like that because I have to treasure it and choose what to clean first out of that pile-o-stench I have. All that - if I find a washboard.


just make new clothes each time

you dont find it mate , you make it
not sure what you need though but i think its level 1 in fabrication

Fab 1 and perhaps survival 1 as well. And you then need a piece of wood (2b4) so the requirements aren’t that high for the board.

Need a washboard (crafted) and soap (crafted or found). You load it like a firearm with the soap. Then you need a source of water, like a river, a pond, a pool (you’ll sometimes find these in mansions as well), or a fountain (like in a mall). You can usually find a semi-convenient spot to clean stuff mid-game.

A vehicle with a full dirty water tank (60L) works as well :slight_smile: