Classic Zombie clarification

It says that it only spawns classic zombie and natural wildlife. Does that mean that out of the possible zombies the game has it only spawns regular zombies, as well as the other non-zombie monsters? Or that it will only spawn zombies, period, no other monsters at all (not including wildlife)?

Normal zombies and natural wildlife, cougars, bears, stuff like that. Dont know about bees. It wont spawn mutant stuff like giant worms or Horrors

Ah, that’s a shame. I don’t mind that stuff, as it’s fairly rare and adds variety to things.

I got hunted down by a couple of giant wasps using Classic Zombie, and needless to say I didn’t know how quick to run back inside my home.

Otherworldly horrors, robots, animals, bees and wasps, and spiders are all in my classic zombies game, but none of the big bastards like hulks and none of the roadblock enemies like smokers or annoyances like necromancers. My martial artist/biker got hallucinated by Flaming Eyes because I made camp too close to a marloss bush so I know most everything else still exists.