What buildings does Classic Zombies remove?

I’ve got a Classic Zombies world going, about 30 days into Spring, about to become Summer, it’s a different experience to the regular game, I enjoy the idea more but it is way too easy once you get a good character. It does state that certain buildings are disabled by the setting though, which may affect my chances of using bionics.
However I’m curious about what buildings are removed by it, or where I can find a list of buildings and terrain removed by it. After searching a large area of the map I haven’t found a single lab or military bunker, and the road blocks I’ve found are completely unpopulated by anything, even turrets.

Is this just RNG or is it how Classic Zombies alters the game?

Yes i think classic zombies removes every monster except normal z and wildlife. I never tried myself though. Now where did i read this…


You might want to try playing with a weaker char and a huge monster spawn.
However as soon as you get survivor gear normal zombies will not be a threat anymore.
Thats somewhat understandable and realistic though imo.
Play this type of game for the “normal” zombyapocalypse feel and enjoy the early phase as much as you can.

There are a few different types still in Classic apart from regular Z’s
Tough, Decayed, Fat, Soldier, Cop, Firefighter and Child Zombies are still around. I’ve seen Z-9’s in 0.B, and they still revive with the mod to stop that, but I’ll assume it’s a 0.B issue that’s been fixed, but no regular Zombie Dogs or Zombears, so I’ll assume it removes them too.
I’m going to assume it removed all robotic enemies, and it does definitely remove labs, I’m curious about the other non-special buildings that it removes

Everything non-mundane, basically. No fungi, bees, ants, temples, labs, military bases, bunkers and silos, mines. Strangely enough, rift map feature is still there, even if its not accessible. And there is certain secret building, but without anyone inside.

On the other hand, there is a ton of fema camps, farms, mansions and wood cabins, presumably, in place of labs and other countryside buildings.

It feels as if Military bases and bunkers should probably still spawn, considering that there are Soldier Zombies everywhere with this option on.
Labs are debateable. The game isn’t as enjoyable with this setting as it could potentially be with the addition of things like that, despite how easy this setting makes the game.