Clarification request for new battery system+Recharging station. (possible bug)

So the new battery system is interesting, i’ll give it that, but i’m currently having a few issues with it.
Namely: The normal (rechargable) batteries will recharge in a charging station, but for some reason will not if loaded into a tool. I’m curious if this is an oversight, or just a really tedious feature. Side note: The UPS bionic appears to simply not function in regards to charging batteries/tools, is the code simply not up to date much like the old UPS compatible battery mods?
I know i could put this on the github, but i’m not clear if this is an issue or not.

If you read the description for the charging station, it states something to the effect of “batteries placed directly into its attached storage space”

So yes, it is intentional that you need to place batteries directly in the recharging station, and not place tools into the recharging station. It’s technically possible it could be made recursive to address the tedium factor, but that is not a thing I have heard anyone say should be how it functions, so I did not attempt to make it work that way.

As for the UPS bionic: it is not meant to charge tools, it is meant to interact with the UPS system. While there are not-yet-corrected exceptions, UPS-compatible tools are not meant to have battery storage of their own, and are instead intended to draw from a UPS supplier on demand.

and then I realized I am responding to a 6 month old post. thanks, discourse, for putting this up in front of me as a thing.

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