Circular distance bug

Hi all, folks! This is my first post here! :wink:

So, yesterday I have found a little and probably obscure bug with “circular distance” and throwing. Tested under the last experimental (both “Tiles” and “Curses”)…

The issue is this: if you try to throw an object with range 1 (in my case, awl pike), in the “Curses” version of the game you can manual launch it only orthogonality… If you try a diagonal shot, the throwing interface simply close and the object stay in your hand.

With “Tiles” version of the game, when you try to move the cursor in one of the diagonal direction, the game crash…

Switching off “Circular distance” solve the bug.

I’ll have to think about whether the first thing “only being able to throw orthogonally” is something we want to change, but I’ve reproduced the crash and I think I have a fix for it, so that’ll be adressed shortly.

Thanks for the report.

EDIT: Fix pending